Professional Real Estate Services


Samar "Summer" Nino

REALTOR® | Associate Broker

I'm a trusted real estate professional who will accurately deliver to your needs. I will be available to you because I'm truly dedicated to my clients. The biggest reward to me is working hard for you and seeing results!I have dedicated clients who always come back to me and refer me to their friends and family. You wont be disappointing if you hire me to work with you!

Sales has been apart of my life since the first job I had at age 7 selling Lemonade for 10 cents at my time. I learned at a young age how to work hard and save money to purchase bigger things in life, like my first car at age 16. I understand how emotional purchases can be. It doesn't have to be an expensive one, it can be anything of value to you. This example helps me understand "why selling a property or purchasing may be the hardest thing anyone can do". This doesn't just happen over night. Most of us have to put in thought and time to be fully comfortable with the decisions we make. The first step in purchasing is "How will I ever get their? Am I even qualified for a loan?" My goal is to provide my clients with exceptional service, guiding them the right sources in getting them qualified to buy and helping them find the perfect fit home suitable for their lifestyle, fulfilling all the "must haves" to the best I can.

As for sellers, I set them up in giving my expert advice in ways to market their home to generate the most money for them as possible. Next, market their home using internet, MLS, networking with other agents, networking with the board of realtora, sending newsletters on my active listings to established contacts and perspective ones, open houses, flyers, door knocking, etc Whatever the case may be, I am very passionate in helping my clients find and do what matters best to them. My reward is helping people, delivering results, and changing their life forever. I have the tools and resources available to help serve your needs.

Do you have any specific questions about my real estate services? I can help you buy or sell your home with a comprehensive strategy designed for you.